COVID-19: Our Commitment to our Residents

This crisis is testing all of us. We know that many families are facing financial pressures as businesses have been forced to scale back or close. We’re committed to helping our residents during these trying times to ensure that no one loses the roof over their head if they’re financially impacted by this crisis.


  • If you have suffered financially because of the covid-19 outbreak, please contact your rental manager. We are committed to working with those directly impacted.
  • In addition, to help our residents weather the crisis, we are freezing all rent increases effective March 31st, so your amount of rent due on March 1st will remain in effect until further notice. Any resident who already paid an April 1 increase may apply it as a credit against their May rent. Any notice already received for a rent increase scheduled to take effect after March 31st should be deemed void and disregarded.


  • We encourage you to identify resources offered by federal, state and local governments – as well as community organizations – to help you secure financial assistance, food and healthcare.
  • To that end, the federal government is committed to providing significant resources to support those affected by the crisis through the CARES Act. This includes an extension of unemployment benefits, direct payments to Americans and assistance to select industries to get people back to work. We hope that these support mechanisms will help make your household finances work.
  • Helpful resources from the CDC can be found at
It’s important to know that the eviction moratoriums temporarily put in place do not relieve residents of their obligation to pay their rent or comply with their lease. Again, we are committed to helping those directly impacted by the pandemic. For those of you not financially impacted by the pandemic, it is critical that timely rent payments continue, so we can continue to pay our dedicated employees, maintain the cleanliness and safety of our community, and meet our other financial obligations, such as mortgage, taxes, insurance, and payments to vendors who provide essential maintenance and cleaning services.
For now, we are heartened by the stories of neighbors helping one another – from grocery shopping to checking in on each other. Communities working together to stay safe is what will get us through this crisis. The steps we’re taking will safeguard this community, and we appreciate your willingness to help.
Thank you.