Information for All NJ Residents

Our continuing response to the Coronavirus (Covid-19)  emergency.

Important Reminders
  • Our Governor has issued an executive order requiring among other things, social distancing, and we ask all residents to comply with these orders.
  • Gatherings, parties, and other activities in your apartments are prohibited until further notice per the executive orders.
  • When in common areas, such as laundry rooms, you must maintain 6 feet of distance from other residents.
  • It is critical that we keep all utilities functioning properly, so please ensure that nothing other than human waste and toilet paper is flushed down your toilets. (Bleach wipes, baby wipes, feminine hygiene products, paper towels and medication should not be flushed down the toilet.)
  • Reach out by phone or email to any neighbors you know who are unable to leave their apartments due to disability or advanced age to make sure they have the essentials they need while the state-mandated restrictions remain in place. Call or email us if you cannot reach that resident.
Due to the current emergency, we will not be performing any non-emergency work in order to protect both our residents and our staff. The following are emergencies:
  • No Heat in Your Apartment.
  • No Air-Conditioning in Your Apartment (during warmer weather).
  • No Electricity in Your Apartment.
  • Gas Leak or Smell of Gas.
  • Flooding in Your Apartment.
  • Major Water Leaks (Let maintenance decide if an immediate response is necessary.)
  • Broken Window, Window Lock or Door Lock.
  • Smoke, Carbon Monoxide or Water Heater Alarm Going Off.
  • Fire.
Please remember to notify us by phone or email as soon as possible if you or an occupant in your apartment tests positive for or is diagnosed by a healthcare professional with COVID-19. This information will be kept confidential but will allow us to respond appropriately to your emergency service requests as well as clean and disinfect common areas in the community where the person testing positive may have visited. Please continue to check your community’s page and look under the “Information” tab below the address for the latest communications that apply only to your community.