Working to reduce the spread of COVID-19

The Safety and Well-being of Our Residents and Personnel is Our Top Priority

The safety and well-being of our residents and personnel continues to be our top priority at each of our apartment communities during this public health emergency. Every day, we are all learning more about the coronavirus (COVID-19). We have established the best practices for both residents and staff at our communities based on current information, but we will be reviewing and modifying them daily if needed as new information becomes available.

What We Are Doing…

In an effort to reduce the risk of transmission and spread in our communities, we have:
  • greatly expanded our cleaning and sanitizing procedures, with more detail and frequency throughout the day;
  • closed our leasing offices to the public and asked all residents to conduct business with us electronically;
  • put all non-essential work orders on hold to allow our maintenance and housekeeping staff to concentrate on essential operations as well as handle emergencies; and temporarily closed indoor and outdoor common area amenities, such as clubhouses, fitness rooms and pools.
These measures have been added so that we can do our part as a company to flatten the curve for spreading this virus and to encourage both residents and staff to practice social distancing for the safety of all. Our senior management team is reviewing and assessing this evolving situation on a daily basis and will regularly review the latest information from the CDC and other governmental agencies so that we stay updated and employ the best practices.

What We All Must Do…

What everyone agrees on is that we must all practice social distancing and good hygiene; immediately self-quarantine if we show any symptoms of the virus or are just sick; and then call our health care provider for further instructions. Please visit the CDC website  to stay updated on the latest information.
We ask all residents to immediately notify us by phone or email if your health care provider suspects you have COVID-19 or you test positive for it. This information will be kept confidential but will allow us to both respond appropriately to your service requests as well as remediate common area surfaces where you have visited in the recent past and thereby reduce the risk of spread to other residents.

Working Together Is Essential…

Our company will, as it has always done, keep the well-being of its residents and staff as its number one priority as we navigate through these unsettling times together. Although there are many unknowns in this equation, we will continue to communicate with you as the situation evolves, and we will all get through it together.
Thank you for your patience and cooperation.